Nab Cottage/English Language in the Lakes began as a family, a language school, and an international community in 1983. It has evolved and developed into one of the most unique language centres in the world - and it is still a family, a language school, and an international community - all in one.

Joining a course here means you live in our large family home at Nab Cottage overlooking Rydal Lake. We use our converted barn, just next to the cottage, for classes and activities throughout the day and evening. There is a full and varied programme on each course and we ask everyone to agree to only communicate in English. Through sharing the living and learning space students quickly feel they belong to an international community.

Our students are all adults and come from all over the world. We take a maximum of 20 students in the school at any time with an average class size of 7.

We use a holistic model of learning, encouraging students to behave, think, dream and relax in English.

Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.
Confucius 450BC

The school is in the centre of the Lake District National Park, an area of outstanding beauty and tranquillity, and just 3KM from two vibrant villages. It overlooks a small lake and is surrounded by mountains.

It is 2 hours north of Manchester Airport and easily accessible by train.