Nab Cottage English Summer School in the Lake District began as a family and an international community in 1983. It has evolved and developed into one of the most unique Adult English Class centres in the world – and it is still a family, a language summer school, and an international community – all in one.
Nab Cottage in the Lake Distrcit

Adult English Classes in the Lake District

The teaching is different

It is holistic. Holistic education develops every person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potential. Holistic education is based on the idea that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Which means that you will quickly feel safe, supported, and included.

The place is beautiful

Nab Cottage overlooks a small lake and is surrounded by hills. It is in the centre of the Lake District National Park, an area of incredible beauty. There are many wonderful walks from the cottage including waterfalls, caves, valleys, mountains and rivers. We have a large canoe you can use on the lake and on warm days you can swim in the lake. It is a 500m walk along the lake to our local pub, a 3km walk along the river into the local village of Ambleside, and 3km around the lake into Grasmere.

The accommodation is relaxing

All other schools we know of use family accommodation, residences, self- catering or hotels. However at Nab Cottage we take the best from each of these and create a place where you can be yourself just as you are at home, where you have the comfort of a country guest house, where you have friends from all over the world around you as in a residence and where you have English teachers living with you.

The experience is unforgettable

“I came back richer than when I went to Nab” – Maria 2016

” I was feeling so much warmth, kindness, love, compassion, security, support… I know that your really care about your students and this is fantastic! Thank you!” – Anna 2016

“Nab Cottage, the interesting students, the beautiful landscape, the food, the house and the barn and last but not least all the fantastic activities and the exceptional lessons with you.”– Hans 2015

Tim and Liz Melling of Nab Cottage

English Summer School

And Lake District Retreat

We know that our students want an intensive and motivating language course AND that they’d like a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. We have created a place here at Nab Cottage where you can have both. It’s an enriching, enjoyable, unique language/holiday experience.

Ingredients for the perfect English Summer School?

Friendship and Laughter

Activities & Space For Yourself

Connection with Nature & Local People

Time in Nature

No Worries or Pressures

No Travelling

Adult English Language Classes in Small Groups in the English Countryside

Join this small international community, with people coming together to share their dreams, empower each other on their journeys, and communicate from their hearts.

Nab Cottage Videos

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