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Adult English Courses

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Adult English Course: General English for Adults

In 2022 this course runs from July 17 to August 27. People can enrol on any Sunday and stay for between 1 and 6 weeks.
On the course you will only hear English, and be able to speak in English, all day and every day. It is fully residential, in our lakeside cottage. The programme is always varied and rewarding and will include small group classes, large group/whole community sessions and small group activity sessions:


Small Group Classes

You will work in the mornings from Tuesday to Friday in a small class at your level. Lessons are from 9.20 – 1.00 with a half hour coffee break. The class size is 4 to 9. You will meet a variety of teachers each with their own teaching style. There will be a lot of discussion, a lot of new vocabulary, and plenty of English grammar. The emphasis is always on communication. We use a wide range of techniques and materials. Resources available include dictionaries, grammar books, readers with CDs, intensive/extensive listening, pronunciation and vocabulary material, on-line material, newspapers and magazines, business English and exam material. Classes are motivating, student-centred, and fun.


Large Group/Whole Community Sessions

These sessions, from 9.15 to 1.00 every Monday are fundamental in establishing a safe and secure environment in which all our students feel encouraged to express themselves. Here we introduce trust and empathy work, voicework, guided visualisation, journeying, relaxation techniques, movement and bodywork, and fundamental ideas in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Many adults can feel vulnerable speaking a language which isn’t their mother-tongue. This part of the course is designed to overcome this and to replace fear of speaking with excitement about speaking English. It can also encourage connection, with self and others, deepen the learning experience, and build clean, clear communication.


Small Group Activity Sessions

These run during afternoons or evenings and could be:

  • Language workshops including listening skills, intensive speaking, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Creative workshops including art, singing, storytelling, dance, theatre and drumming
  • Complementary health workshops including yoga, movement meditation, massage and yoga dance
  • Skills-based workshops including giving effective presentations, negotiating and conflict resolution

Each student also has a weekly one-to-one tutorial with a teacher. This is a time to design a personal study plan, to set learning targets and for individual coaching. This session is also used for allocating resources for independent study and for monitoring individual progress.

Each student has a minimum of 22 taught hours each week.

Please note that courses end on Saturday.

students at Nab
students at Nab

Holiday English Course – Personal Transformation in English

The Personal Transformation in English course in 2022 will run July 24 – 30. The course is limited to 4 people in total.

The starting point for this course is a very human enquiry:

  • What would I really like to achieve in my life?
  • How can I build relationships which bring me more joy?

We often find that, in another language, people are already stepping into new territory and ready and willing to move forward.

During the week you will begin to realise your potential in life and will become aware of your strengths and the limitations you place on yourself.

Manda lives in the Findhorn community in Scotland, the birthplace of the Transformation Game. She guides you through, helps you process your insights and encourages you to take appropriate steps with clarity and support.  If your English is at Intermediate level (B2) or above and you ever have such thoughts as:

  • ‘I’d like to make a real difference in the world but I don’t know where to start’
  • ‘I m at a crossroads in my life, I’m not sure which way to go’
  • ‘I’d like to be more relaxed and less stressed’
  • ‘I’d like to be more focussed and dynamic’

then this adult English course may be the one for you.

People come to the Transformation Game when they’re at a time of change in their lives and would appreciate guidance and support. You will have time and space to see your life from a new perspective and see more clearly what steps to take and how to move forward.

The Transformation Game can help you:

  • Understand patterns of stress and change habits
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Handle transitions – health, career, or relationship
  • Remove blocks to spontaneity and success
  • Receive love and inspiration
  • Transform fears into excitement
  • Incorporate more relaxation, balance and peace of mind into everyday life


“The transformation course was very special for me – creating an energy of harmony and trust with a few people…first strangers to each other, then beoming companions and friends through a special week and a very intensive process. The tools Tim and Liz have chosen for doing this are diverse like working with body language, meditation and the game of transformation as a special instrument…always close to the needs of the moment and the group…so …again I have had an intensive and emotional time at Nab Cottage…thanks all of you…”
Claudia 2014


The course in 2022 will run from July 31 – August 6. Early booking is advisable. The course includes all the exciting and ground-breaking elements of experiential learning: we will look at whole-person learning, ways of facilitating learning, and authentic communication.

Adult English Course for Teachers

It is open to any teachers, at all levels and disciplines, and people interested in a fresh approach to learning. A high intermediate level of English is required. The course involves:

  • Training skills in group dynamics
  • Language modules giving you the opportunity to acquire new vocabulary and to work on fluency and specific language skills
  • Personal development modules looking at awareness-training, interaction and non-verbal communication
  • Workshops in voice work and pronunciation, drama, intensive discussion, and being creative with grammar
  • Massage workshop, yoga session, relaxation session
  • Guided walks
  • Time for reflection, diary writing, integrating
  • Social programme including theatre, pubs, local market towns, barbecue, party

Course participants will learn:

  • The fundamental principles of Experiential Language Learning
  • Some essential techniques for creating a safe and supportive environment
  • Techniques for establishing and maintaining a positive group dynamic
  • Ways of working with mixed levels
  • How to create motivating and rewarding classroom sessions
  • How to inspire students to further independent study
  • Basic relaxation techniques
  • How Neuro-Linguistic Programming can deepen the learning experience
  • How different students learn in different ways and techniques for managing this successfully
  • Ways to incorporate music and movement into language classes

Each week is made up of 18 taught hours and 15 hours of learning activities

Click the following link for more information about our Experiential English for Teachers Course.

Erasmus+ funding is available for teachers applying for this course.

Communication and Sexuality

A brand new course for 2022 from August 21 – 27

The aim of the course is to recover our sensual, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness and live life as totally and intensely as we wish to.


  • How can we feel more at home in our own bodies?
  • How can we feel safer in the world – and in relationship?
  • How can we communicate more openly and honestly – from the heart?


We will explore how most of us share a desire for connection and intimacy, how we can begin to respect ourselves – and then others – a little more. Together we will look at how we can move beyond established patterns which perhaps don’t serve us any longer and then how we can find our  voice and use it to express ourselves more clearly and effectively. Throughout the course there is strong focus on how we can bring more awareness, deeper purpose and love into our world.

Working together we will build a safe container where each person feels confident to express themselves and the group supports and nurtures each contribution.

There will be presentations and reflection sat around the table with language input, group discussions and conversation practice in pairs.

And as always our courses are experiential; we will introduce controlled physical exercises to sharpen our senses and understand a little more our emotional and physical response to different situations.


There will be a maximum of 10 people on the course and we ask for a minimum level of English at Intermediate B1 level to participate.

discussion in English with students and teachers at Nab Cottage English Language school
garden at Nab Cottage overlooking the lake
students in conversation learning english at Nab Cottage in the English Lake District

English and Baking

This new course for 2022 will run from August 14 – 20 and will be practical, interesting, tasty and fun.


This course will be based in our beautiful farmhouse kitchen here at Nab Cottage. There is a large old pine table and granite surfaces for working at, 16th century stone flags on the floor and an AGA – iconic, good looking and radiating constant warmth – to cook on. We will look at utensils, techniques and recipes and work together to produce breads, scones, biscuits, cakes, pastries and savoury dishes.


The course is suitable for anyone interested in an introduction to the delights of English baking. It is open to all, whether you are a trained chef or a complete beginner in the kitchen. We ask for a minimum level of English at Intermediate B1 level to participate. There will be a maximum of 6 people on the course.  

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Nature, in English

In 2022 this course runs from July 3 – 16 and people can book for one or two weeks.

en_yoga05We believe that all life is interconnected. If we can take time to look beyond our ‘story’ we begin to notice that everyone has far more in common than we often think. We share our experiences, we share our fears, goals, troubles and hopes. During this course we begin to discover our true selves and develop skills to build more loving and compassionate relationships. Nab Cottage is an ideal place to take time out, to unwind, to feel the breeze blowing down off the mountains, to watch the colours changing on the lake.

Once we slow down a little and give our attention to what is happening right now we begin to notice underlying forces in our lives, things which can hold us back as well as things which can help us. We introduce both formal mindfulness practices (meditation and mindful movement) and informal practices (exploring nature and creative self-expression). Together these bring us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, what has made us who we are, and how we can continue to grow, support each other, and nurture the world we live in.

This course is limited to 12 participants. It is ideal for anyone with level A2 English and above who enjoys being in Nature and wants to live life to the full. No previous yoga or mindfulness experience is neccessary.

During the morning there will be hatha yoga sessions, fun and interactive self-discovery, t’ai chi and training in mindfulness and meditation.

Sessions in the afternoon and evening include yoga meets dance, movement meditations, voice and self-expression, mindfulness in nature and yoga nidra.



eng_yoga03‘’As I completely stepped out of my time at home very intense experiences were possible. An amazing week I will always remember’

‘’ A jump into the ocean.  A flight to the moon.  A walk in the cave without fear.  A sense of belonging’’

‘’Making the unconscious become conscious and then accepting myself and find my way’’

‘’This has been like a holiday. It has been easy to be here’’

‘’A journey deep into your soul’’

‘’I will save a moment of this week in my heart so I can remember some of the good feelings I got here’’

‘’Dynamic, intense, touching, useful’’

‘’I could release burdens that I’ve been carrying for years’’

‘’I could discover my patience, my tenderness and a lot of emotions I could recognize and then let out’’

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