Les gens

Tim et Liz ont fondé Nab en 1983 après avoir enseigné en Italie, en Afrique du Nord et en France. Depuis lors, nous avons travaillé avec plus de 2500 personnes venant de 45 pays différents. Notre vision a été celle de créer un environnement dans lequel les gens pouvaient se sentir confiants, détendus et heureux, et de ce fait mieux disposés à apprendre.

A Nab Cottage nous mettons à votre disposition une grande part de notre expérience que nous avons acquise à travers le travail dans le domaine de l’éducation, le travail avec des groupes, le travail d’apaisement et les exercices corporels, ainsi que la vie en communauté qui fut une grande partie de notre vie. Nos enseignant(e)s sont motivant(e)s, passionné(e)s, ingénieux(euses) et vous apporteront une grande variété de compétences complémentaires telles que les arts, les arts dramatiques, le coaching et le mentorat.

Nous faisons aussi appel à des animateurs locaux qui apportent des compétences spécifiques au centre, notamment des musiciens, des conteurs, des danseurs ou simplement des gens qui apprécient la conversation, la nourriture et la vie ici à Nab Cottage.

Nos étudiant(e)s nous viennent du monde entier et la tranche d’âge se situe entre 18 et 80 ans. Voici quelques un des nombreux mots aimables qui nous sont parvenus à travers les années, pour n’en citer que ceux-ci.

Étudiants en langue anglaise

Nos étudiants viennent du monde entier et ont entre 18 et 80 ans. Voici quelques-uns des nombreux mots aimables que nous avons reçus au fil des ans.

“Very important reflections were made at Nab and also some life-style decisions. We feel more powerful and free to do what we want and also less afraid, we talk to each other and to people in a more natural way and trying to get rid of our masks. ”
Moises and Lidia 2019

“I learned so much about how to live in a community: the respect for the others, the mutual care, the individual responsibility and also the fun, the love… ”
Mario 2019

“It was a very rewarding and healing experience, and the people I met there were family for me – and still are! ”
Pilar 2018

”I enjoyed deeply the time in your precious home. It`s a special place. I was touched because tears got space and were welcomed.”
Rosemarie 2017

”We would like to book for the first two weeks of summer, as we’ve done so often before”
Auli 2017

“I came back richer than when I went to Nab”
Maria 2016

“I was feeling so much warmth, kindness, love, compassion, security, support… I know that your really care about your students and this is fantastic! Thank you!”
Anna 2016

“Nab Cottage, the interesting students, the beautiful landscape, the food, the house and the barn and last but not least all the fantastic activities and the exceptional lessons with you.”
Hans 2015

“Thank you for your welcome and for teaching us a different way to learn, not only English.”
Paola and Jacopo 2015

“You and your team were incredibly friendly and attentive. I will never forget all new experiences that I have tried and the landscape’s beauty”
Margarita 2014

“I would like to thank you for a very inspiring and relaxing week. I learnt a lot not only English but also about myself. The Lake District is a really charming place that has impressed me a lot.”
Dorota 2014

“You have very interesting methods to teach us….I am richer now than before ”
Verica 2013

“For me it opened my heart ”
Claudia 2013

“I have never had the experience of such a community before – being accepted and integrated. ”
Britta 2012

“A feeling of wellbeing, experiencing shared values of respect and openness, long-lasting feeling of the English language, and feeling part of the impressive circle of humanity ”
Antonietta 2012

“A perfect concept. I’ve never met a language school like this.”
Barbara 2010

“I’ve passed 6 fantastic weeks here. I’m going to bring into myself this experience for all my life. I’m sure that Nab Cottage has changed my life in a better way. I leave here a piece of my heart.”
Alessandro 2010

“Great, incredible, deep, moving experience of physical, mental and spiritual growth, as usual! Thanks again!”
Vania 2009

“After this training I feel self-confident. I’m not afraid to ask questions and communicate with other people. I’m ready for new challenges.”
Tomek 2008

“I really loved my stay at Nab Cottage in summer. And now – retrospective – I am sure it was the first and necessary step for my inner change. The coaching with you and the other students was really impressive.”
Geraldine 2008

“One week is certainly not enough to improve the fluency, but absolutely enough to appreciate the atmosphere you have created – which is unique.”
Gusto, July 2007

“I felt here like I’d known the people here all my life”
Carmen 2007

“It was a very good experience for me, I learned not only English conversation, but also communication with others, foreign customs and views, And I think I could develop myself”
Naomi 2007

“You’ve made me feel comfortable with all the people, and also with myself.”
Lorena, August 2006

“Dear Nab Cottagers. To be here has been more than just an English course for me. Thanks for all new insights I have gained.”
Eva, September 2006

“To stay here is one of the most interesting experiences of my short life. When something is wrong in your life you can find here a new way to think and to love. You can take a break to start again with new power.”
Vincenze September, 2006

“After these 4 weeks I’m a different person: willing, relaxed, open, fresh. Anywhere else I go I’ll always remember the Nab, my second home, my paradise, the place where I was happy like a little child.”
Eduardo, August 2006

“Thank you for your patience, optimism and spirituality”
Joanna, 2004