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Nab Cottage, the interesting students, the beautiful landscape, the food, the house and the barn and last but not least all the fantastic activities and the exceptional lessons with you


Thank you for your welcome and for teaching us a different way to learn, not only English

Paola and Jacopo

You and your team were incredibly friendly and attentive. I will never forgot all new experiences that I have tried and the landscape’s beauty


I would like to thank you for a very inspiring and relaxing week. I learnt a lot not only English but also about myself. The Lake District is a really charming place that has impressed me a lot


I’m missing the Cottage, the 2 weeks in Ambleside were fantastic, unforgettable…

Lincoln & Tiemi

You have very interesting methods to teach us….I am richer now than before


For me it opened my heart


I have never had the experience of such a community before – being accepted and integrated


A feeling of wellbeing, experiencing shared values of respect and openness, long-lasting feeling of the English language, and feeling part of the impressive circle of humanity